This Week’s Show

Over the next few weeks, you will hear me talking on the show about a really valuable – and important – resource. It’s the American Red Cross and


It’s been 20 years (can you believe it?) since the Northridge earthquake. At that time, we surely were all “on the case” to be prepared – as we saw up close what could happen if disaster were to strike – and we know that Southern California is very much at risk for earthquakes. As time has passed, that sense of urgency may have faded – but the danger is no less. The American Red Cross urges us to purchase or make an Emergency Preparedness Kit with at least 3 days worth of essential items needed by each family member– and, at you find everything you need to know to make a kit and to otherwise prepare yourself and your loved ones for an emergency.


So make a kit, and make a plan – go to The real disaster is not being prepared.