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Wait ’til you hear! Read all about our fabulous cruise for Spring – this coming year!  Click here for all the delicious details




It’s that time of year now, when we take reservations to  book our fabulous  annual cruise. The one coming up in the Spring will journey to Italy, France, Monaco and Spain. Details about the ship and the specific ports of call can be found by clicking on the link in red font, above, but I thought you’d enjoy some of my favorite foods from those areas, so the recipes following include 3 from Spain (two for luscious fish poached in oil, one for delicious lemon and cinnamon scented goat cheese dessert fritters, drizzled with honey), 3 from Italy (the “real deal” classic tiramisu, silky, special vitello tonnato and homemade limoncello) and 3 from France (ratatouille, pan bagnat and the bistro favorite, steamed mussels). Monegasque recipes might include any of these, since all manner of “continental food” -particularly French –  is served there.

On the broadcasts this weekend and next, we will discuss some of the cooking techniques involved, including poaching fish in oil, and preparation of and general information about mussels. Also, we will discuss Emergency Preparedness, particularly with respect to earthquakes (I think we really all ought to be prepared!) including all the details needed to inform your preparations. My Emergency Preparedness Guide (which is permanently posted at the end of our “Resources” listings accessed by using the navigation bar at the top of every page on this website) is added above the recipe listings here to make it especially easy to access (and to print, for keeping on hand).