Believe it or not, this is the “authentic” recipe for this soup from the famous Madame Wu’s Garden - a Westside, Los Angeles restaurant closed since 1998. If you can find or make a homemade chicken broth or stock, this will taste even better. The main thing is that this recipe contains the “tricks” for making the soup slightly thickened, and for making sure that the egg swirls in just beautifully.

2 cans, chicken broth with fat skimmed off
1 can, water
2 tablespoons, cornstarch blended with 4 tablespoons water
2 eggs – beaten slightly
1 tablespoon, scallions (green onions) - chopped or thinly sliced

Heat together the soup and the water, covered, until boiling. Add the cornstarch blend, then turn off the heat. Now add the eggs, pouring them in a light stream stirring lightly. Add scallions and serve immediately.

Recipe adapted from: Madame Wu’s Art of Chinese Cooking by Sylvia Wu (Bantam Books)